Monday, October 6, 2008

CIBC's Run for the Cure Part 2

"There is no pebble so small that it won't make ripples when tossed into a body of water." - Charles Peck

Yesterday Sebastian and I participated in this year's CIBC Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer. Overall we raised $575., which isn't too bad considering we only started fundraising a few months ago.

It was a cool morning but it quickly warmed up, for me at least, once I got into my stride. It took us approx. 1 hour to finish the 5km walk. I'm sure we could have completed it in under an hour but it's hard to boot along with so many people! Now if I really get my act together maybe next year I'll run it....

Participating in the event was actually more emotionally overwhelming than I had imagined. A lot of people had on signs declaring who they were walking for and it was really sad to see people walking for those who were no longer with us. We weren't really walking for anyone in particular. We were just walking because we could. Not to say that we were walking because we know how to walk. We were walking because although I've never personally been touched by having or truly knowing someone with the disease, I wanted to participate in something that was bigger than me. I hope as Sebastian grows he will realize that he is much more than just an individual in a mass of people living on this earth and that we are all interconnected.

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