Monday, October 6, 2008

Annual Check-Up/Review

Sebastian had his two year annual check up today. Not too much to report as he's a perfect lil' pumpkin and we were out of the doctor's office within half an hour. We now don't need to return unless Sebastian becomes sick, which hopefully, won't happen anytime soon. I should however give an update as to the many wonderful things that he's doing at 2, so without further adieu:

Weight: 27.75lbs
Height: 35.5"

- Loves to read. He will sit contently and look at a book, turning the pages one by one, and has started pretending to read what is on the pages. His favourite book at the moment is Richard Scarry's "Cars, Trucks and Things That Go". He reads it every night before bed. Once with Jamie and then again (!!) with me.
- Skips/gallops/runs/jumps/hops
- Throws/kicks/attempts to catch and dribble balls
- Uses 5-6 word sentences
- Loves to draw/paint and will tell us what he is drawing
- Knows his colours
- Counts and recites his ABC's
- Attempting to pee standing up because, as he will say, "I'm a big boy"
- Is very sensitive to other children and what/how they are feeling. For example, he will often tell us if someone is sad/happy etc., based on what they are doing. He is also able to tell us how he is feeling
- Enjoys watching YouTube clips of vintage Sesame Street. His favourite clip is "Orange sings Carmen". (previously posted about this)
- Has just begun interacting more with his toys, for example, he will speak with his toys and take them places with him
- Tells us what to do (a lot!) - I should actually rephrase this to say that he attempts to tell us what to do!
- Consistently goes pee on the potty
- Loves to help us clean and bake/cook
- Loves to dance, which really entails running around in circles in the front room. He will often ask me to put on music so that he can dance and most times I'm allowed to dance along - but not all the time
- Playing with other children. Sebastian really enjoys his play time with Leah and the children at his daycare. He's also quite friendly to other children, often saying "Come play" to them even if he's just met them and it doesn't matter if they're older or younger than him.
- Will often tell us about things that happened days ago and has a good memory of events/people/places etc
- Climbs! Climbs! Climbs! He's a regular daredevil and tries to climb on everything!

This list is definitely not exhaustive, but these are just a few of the things off the top of my head.

Life is definitely not boring with a two year old and yes, I know it sounds so cliche but it's the truth. Although every day is so busy with new experiences and accomplishments it's amazing being able to re-experience everything again through a child's eyes. I think if there's ever a time that it's so pertinent to stop and smell the roses, again cliche, this is it. Even if I didn't want to I think Sebastian would see fit that I did!!

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