Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Gutting 101

Today I was all geared up to share the joy of carving a pumpkin with Sebastian. The first thing we did was decide what we were going to carve. I had drawn a picture of Makka Pakka but Sebastian thought it was a clown so that idea was out. I then drew a cool mummy-like thing (well, I thought it was cool), but Sebastian didn't know what it was - so Strike 2. I then drew a regular jack-o-lantern but Sebastian didn't seem to be all that impressed - Strike 3, I was out.

So I went on-line and started looking at images of carved pumpkins. Sebastian saw the one of Jack and exclaimed he wanted Jack - so Jack it was! First issue, done.

Now came the fun part. Cutting open the top of the pumpkin and pulling out the pumpkin guts. Seems that Sebastian really isn't fond of pumpkin guts... hopefully he'll develop a taste for it as he gets older..what fun is Hallow's Eve without pumpkin guts?!?!?!

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