Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Day...

To work off last night's feast Sebastian and I spent our morning at Riverdale Farm running around and talking to the animals. It was a great morning to do so, as it wasn't too busy and we spent some time speaking to one of the volunteers as she milked one of the cows. The unfortunate part of the experience is that Sebastian now thinks I have udders and teets. Lovely. Just lovely. =)

Before we left we went into the kitchen at the farm and had some freshly baked oatmeal cookies. We were even lucky enough to see a freight train along the way home, which was the icing on the cake for Sebastian. The kid was in heaven - animals, running, fresh air, tractors, cookies and trains - oh my!

After his nap we headed out to vote. A word to those who have yet to do so and are bringing their young children with them. Do not tell the volunteers that you figured the best way to vote is to give the pencil to your toddler and have him choose who you're voting for based on where he scribbles! It amused me, but alas, I was the only one who was amused. Needless to say, I voted...

We then spent the remainder of the afternoon at the park and I'm hoping that all the fresh air has tuckered our lil' pumpkin out. Cause I know all this fresh air has definitely tuckered me out!

And although it does look like he's wearing the same thing he had on yesterday your eyes are not quite deceiving you... That's his fall sweater/jacket so pair it up with jeans and voila, he looks like he hasn't changed in days!!

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