Monday, December 1, 2008

Our weekend...

On Saturday after Sportball we loaded up the car and headed to Paris to help celebrate Nana's 82nd birthday. While there Sebastian played with his relatives and enjoyed sitting on his Great Grandad's lap and having a story read to him. Jamie purposely brought along the book Green Eggs and Ham for Grandad to read to Sebastian as Grandad, as the story goes, used to read Green Eggs and Ham to Aunt Janice so often when she was a child that he literally had nightmares from the book! We're hoping he didn't have nightmares of Green Eggs and Ham on Sunday night, but even if he did, just as when Aunt Janice was a child, I'm sure it was worth it!

And on Sunday we ventured out to purchase our very first Christmas Tree! Sebastian helped pick it out and after we got home we put it out on the back deck to let it relax. However, that didn't last too long as it started to in the house it came. It was also a first for me too as I've never had a live tree before and it was wonderful smelling the tree all evening. Sebastian however doesn't quite agree that the tree smells wonderful as he told us this morning that it smelled stinky! Oh well... he may change his mind once it's actually decorated!

We then spent the remainder of our afternoon singing while my cousin Kelly accompanied our beautiful voices (ha ha) with the violin. Sebastian absolutely loved his jam session and thoroughly enjoyed having his own playmate once again. He has quickly caught that when we have company they really aren't here to visit with us!

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