Friday, December 26, 2008

Just arrived home after having an enjoyable Christmas with Jamie's family. We arrived at "the Farm" (as I affectionately call Jamie's parents home) mid-afternoon on the 24th and stayed put until shortly after noon on Boxing Day.

It was a wonderful holiday characterized by relaxing and just enjoying each other's company. We spent Christmas Eve enjoying the traditional spread of cheese and meat platters, fresh fruit, baked Camembert with cranberries, Trifle and Christmas cheer (mulled wine, rum and eggnog, rye etc.) with Aunt Janice and Aunt Jennifer before slumbering down for the night. Sebastian was up by six and we were greeted by Papa already awake with fresh coffee brewing soon to be followed by Nonee joining us and Aunt Becky shortly thereafter.

After opening our stockings we sat down for breakfast and enjoyed the Lazy Wife's Breakfast that Aunt Janice had kindly left with us the night before. After breakfast we returned to the living room where we listened to carols on the radio while we continued to open our presents. Sebastian opened everyone of his gifts slowly and examined each one before waiting patiently for his next gift (the Christmas Elf hands gifts out and we wait until someone has opened a gift before the next gift is handed out). It's hard to say for certain if Sebastian had a favourite gift. He most definitely enjoyed his gift from Papa, in which he gave Sebastian a handmade wooden dump truck and the wooden tea seat that "Santa" had given him.

Once presents were opened preparation for the evenings dinner soon commenced. By 3 p.m. the house was full and it was time for gift opening once again. We merrily enjoyed each others company and with full and happy stomachs went to bed shortly after everyone departed for the night and after Sebastian had some cuddle time with his Aunt Becky.

Boxing Day morning we all slept in (sleeping in for us was 8 a.m.!), enjoyed leftovers and lazed about, with Sebastian spending more quality time with his Aunt Becky, until it was time to head home.

Sebastian was sad to go, as he always is, but we told him not to cry as we'd be back again one day.... We weren't even at Guelph Line before he was fast asleep! Anyways, we're now home for a few days and then we'll be off to Fort Erie to celebrate my dad's birthday and the New Year with my family.

Thanks for such wonderful memories,

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