Monday, November 24, 2008

These are a few of my favourite things...

Playing dressup with my pink apron

I haven't really provided an update on the various things our lil' 26 month old likes, so I thought I would take some time to do so. In no particular order:

We're really lucky.. Sebastian pretty much likes all food but there are a few things that we've noticed he likes better than others...

For example, Sebastian absolutely loves shrimp. We think he gets this from Evelyn as we hardly ever have fish, except for the occasional fish & chips on a Friday night. Now we're actually purposely adding shrimp to our grocery list so our little man can get his full. And get his full he does! He can usually eat at least 7 shrimp in one sitting!

Sebastian also adores pickles, lemons and olives. Of course, not all together but separately he's a big fan. He also enjoys cookies, when he's allowed to have them and is a huge fan of soy chocolate milk. The regular chocolate milk has way too much sugar in it, so soy it is. If he had his way he'd drink soy chocolate milk all day! But he doesn't... one glass a day suits us just fine.

This is a hard one to explain but yet easy... Sebastian loves doing a variety of things. He likes to watch Youtube clips on Jack the Pumpkin King from A Nightmare Before Christmas sing "What's This?" as well as Abby Cadabby, whom he adores, turning an elephant into a pumpkin via Sesame Street and various other vintage Sesame Street and Muppet Show clips, which is partially my fault as I love the old Muppet Show and Sesame Street.

Sebastian enjoys all kinds of vehicles, but mainly tractors, construction vehicles and firetrucks. He loves doing puzzles and is now working on puzzles that require him to actually fit the pieces together as opposed to putting the pieces in a dedicated precut spot.

If we let him he would watch Mighty Machines all day long, but we don't, so one five minute segment and maybe two, is all he gets. Sebastian is also an amazing dancer and singer. He literally just jumps up and down, running around and yelling, which constitutes singing for him. He makes up his own songs and enjoys it if we dance along, which we do of course. It's nice that I'm no longer dancing around the house by myself! =)

One thing that we've noticed Sebastian really likes to talk about and do is Sportsball. This is a program he goes to on Saturdays with his dad. It will be Wednesday and he'll start asking about going and talking about his coaches. It's nice to see him developing an interest in sports and physical activity in general... we may even start gymnastics in the New Year... and we're already signed up for the next session of Sportball.

Playing hide and seek is also a new game of Sebastian's. He learned this via his cousin Jeremy so now he makes us count while he goes and hides. Problem is, Sebastian doesn't have the patience to wait for us to find him. He usually jumps out laughing before we even get a chance!

Reading and colouring/painting are also very high on Sebastian's list of things he enjoys. He can spend half his morning looking at books and being read to. It's a great way to spend time with Sebastian as we talk about the pictures and what's happening with the story. We're really happy he enjoys books as much as he does.

And how could I almost forget - Sebastian also loves playing with his friends! He really enjoys his Mondays with Leah and Jeff and will talk about his friends at daycare. It's great seeing him become such a little social butterfly!

And last but certainly not the least...

Silly things:
Well, basically everything Sebastian does has some silliness to it...but I'm bias...I like silly.

Today Sebastian told his daddy that his daddy was "driving me (him) bonkers"! He also continues to want to wear his winter boots around the house and lately it's been very difficult getting Sebastian to change out of his pajamas. I guess that's the problem when he has pajamas he really likes...whatever happened to those itchy woolly kind?

I could go on and on about this kid...but I will stop for now. Again, these are just a few of his favourite things.


Anonymous said...

You have a pink apron?

Kim said...

Oh yes... It was a present from Zia Ang. It's quite cute even comes with strawberry cloth napkins. I'll take a pic of me wearing it for you if you'd like. =)