Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sebastian and I just returned from a trek down to Fort Erie. Originally we planned the trip to coincide with our living room and upstairs getting painted, with the thought being that we would leave the day painting commenced and return to a brand new home. However, the painting was pushed back a week and since I was off from work we decided we'd still go down to spend time with our family.

This was actually the first trip that I have taken alone with Sebastian that involved overnights. We left on the Thursday and came home yesterday on the Saturday. The first night was a little rough as Sebastian was waking every 2.5 hours (or so it seemed) and he was up for the day around 5:30. Luckily both him and I had a nap later that day! Then on Friday night he slept straight through the night until his usual waking time of 6:30 so that was really nice.

Sebastian had a lot of fun playing with his cousin Jeremy. In fact, he had such a good time that when we came home he said he was sad and that he missed Jeremy. Poor kid... he basically ran after Jeremy and played non-stop the entire time we were there. He also enjoyed spending time with other extended family during our visit. I think we both took some time having to adjust to coming home. Not that we didn't want to come home and/or see daddy of course, but Sebastian really enjoys seeing his cousins and it really makes me wish we lived closer to family so that Sebastian could see his family more often. Oh well... one day.

And again, thanks to Jeremy for being such an awesome older cousin. I can only hope that Sebastian is as cool as an older cousin to his new cousin who's arrival we are all anxiously awaiting for. And for the record, we say it's going to be a she! =)

His first doughnut!! Courtesy of Aunt Linda and Uncle Bob who are famous for always bringing doughnuts!

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