Tuesday, November 18, 2008

S is for Sebastian

Today Sebastian and I were sitting together reading his Baby Einstein's "My First Book of Letters". At the end of the book there is a brightly coloured alphabet. We took some time singing the alphabet while I pointed to the letters. While doing so I pointed out to Sebastian the letter S, reminding him that Sebastian started with S as well as D for daddy and M for mommy.

Tonight after dinner while Sebastian was helping Jamie wash the dishes, which consists of him standing on a chair and watching, I took out the book to see if Sebastian would show off his mad letter skills. Sure enough, when I asked him what letter his name started with he said S and then pointed right to it. Without me even cuing him he pointed to the D for daddy and then, with some assistance, remembered where the M was.

And, seeing that it's not every day that your child recognizes the letter to their name for the very first time I wanted to share....

Hoping everyone is staying warm,

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