Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today we took Sebastian to his very first Santa Claus Parade. And it was not just any old Santa Claus Parade, it was the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, in which it is estimated that over 1/2 a million people attend and some even arrive 3 hours early just to get a good view. And I'm not making that point to brag... I'm making that point because both Jamie and I hate crowds and it's amazing the things that we now do for the sake of Sebastian!

We joined up with our friends Stacey and Brendan and their son Campbell and braved the cold and snow for 3 hours (the parade itself wasn't 3 hours but we arrived 1.5 hrs early to ensure we got a good spot, which we did) to see the big man himself - Santa Claus! Sebastian seemed to really enjoy himself and we even watched the parade again when it aired later in the afternoon on tv (and we even saw ourselves!!).

As for Santa, well I think he's gotten himself another fan... Right now as I'm typing away Sebastian's upstairs getting ready for bed with his daddy and I can hear him talking about Santa Claus, stating "He's my friend. He's a nice guy." He's even showing Santa how well he brushes his teeth!

Playing with Campbell while waiting for the parade to start

Santa Claus!!

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