Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ladybug Ladybug Fly Away Home....

Just a little story I wanted to share so that Sebastian, who may not have a memory of this, will know how we came to having two ladybugs for pets in the winter of 2010....

In late January Sebastian and I came across a ladybug in our home. As our beloved Chester likes to pounce on anything that seems to move, we were worried that it wouldn't last too long if we didn't intervene. Since it was the middle of winter we grabbed Sebastian's little bug house and decided we would do our best to keep the ladybug safe until spring. One ladybug soon became two and we quickly learned, thanks to the wonders of the web, how to keep these little creatures alive.

So today, while Sebastian and I were sitting at the table doing some artwork, I noticed a ladybug crawling on the floor. As the weather has been nice, albeit wet, and it is now technically spring I decided I would just place it outdoors. About five minutes later I figured I should check in on our ladies to see if they needed fresh water. It was at that moment that I realized the ladybugs were missing. My brilliant power of deduction lead me to the conclusion that I had just let one of our ladies free.

I did a quick look around and couldn't find the other ladybug. I really hoped that when I did find it it would still be okay, because the irony of keeping a bug alive for 3 months only to meet its demise by one of our cats would not have made me too pleased. Shortly thereafter I located the other ladybug and decided it was time that he too left the nest. I placed him on the front porch and watched him fly away.

Sebastian was very cute about the whole thing. I told him how proud I was of him for keeping the ladybugs safe and warm during the winter months, in which he told me that he was proud of me for taking care of them and thanked me for giving him the idea that we should keep them!

I swear, nothing gets past this kid!

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