Monday, April 5, 2010


After 3 full days of busyness I thought I'd take some time, while Sebastian is playing with his Star Wars lego-men, to update everyone on our Easter long weekend.

So Friday morning, as I had previously blogged about, Nonee and Papa came over for a visit. Jamie had made some homemade cinnamon buns earlier that morning so we enjoyed those, while watching a couple of goldfinches at the bird feeder, with our morning coffee before settling down to colour some Easter eggs. After Nonee and Papa left the 3 of us headed outdoors where we all worked on the garden.

On Saturday Sebastian, Nonee and I headed to St. Jacob's to do some shopping while Jamie and Papa were busy constructing our raised garden. When we returned home a few hours later they were still busy and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, playing in our backyard, while we watched the garden be made.

Which of course leads us to yesterday... Easter! Sebastian gave the Easter Bunny a little present so when he awoke at 6 a.m. he anxiously went downstairs to see if the Easter Bunny had accepted his gift, which he did! He then patiently waited for Nonee and Papa to arrive to participate in the egg hunt. After the eggs were found inside we proceeded outside to enjoy the beautiful morning and hide the eggs once again in the yard. After Nonee & Papa went home we packed up the car and headed down to Ridgeway to visit with my Aunt Helen and family. We then headed to Aunt Shari's where we enjoyed another egg hunt and a wonderful Easter dinner.

Sebastian loved looking for the eggs and spending time with his cousin Jeremy. In fact, he talked about Jeremy all the way down to Ridgeway and it was great seeing how happy he was when we finally got to Jeremy's house! Jeremy is really good with Sebastian and I hope one day Sebastian will appreciate how kind and helpful Jeremy has been to him and that they will always have a special relationship. When asked what the best thing about cousin Jeremy, Sebastian said, "The best thing about cousin Jeremy is that I like him. And the way he wears his hair is like an animal, a shark and starfish under the sea that has huge, huge, huge, huge, huge teeth." Not too sure if Jeremy would like that description of his hair, but Sebastian thought it was a pretty neat description!!

Hoping everyone enjoyed their Easter and the beautiful weather.

Admiring his eggs
Working on the garden
Easter Egg Hunt!
Outside Easter Egg Hunt
Our new garden
Sebastian & Jeremy
Looking for eggs with Aunt Lynda (those are all his eggs under her shirt! 37 in total!!)
Cuddling with his new afghan from Nana


Jamie Whitehouse said...

Hey, those are my Lego Men!

Kim said...

That's what you think! =P