Wednesday, December 16, 2009


As the holidays are fast approaching I figured I would take some time to update the blog before the busyness of the holidays actually hit!

Sebastian has done really well with adjusting to our new life in our new home and City. The first two weeks were quite hard on him and we weren't too sure how the three of us were going to survive this, but with a game plan in place (distract, remove, ignore) we quickly had things stabilized and our lovable excitable bear was once again himself.

Right now our days are pretty much just spent playing around the house and exploring the neighbourhood. Come the new year we'll be attending Music Together once again as well as Creative Critters and a program at the Waldorf School in the area. We'll have two "free days" during the week to do what we please when Jamie has to commute to work. I'm looking forward to getting out and meeting new people and having Sebastian meet children his age, and since Sebastian enjoyed participating in programs in the past I am hoping that this will add some more enrichment to his days.

Anyways, I really enjoy sharing pictures of what we've been up to, as opposed to writing about it, as it enables others to actually see what Sebastian is doing. I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the magic of the season!

Helping cousin Sophia celebrate her 1st birthday!
Candy Land Festival, Cambridge
Arts & Crafts
Enjoying his Advent Calendar
Going to the tree farm and cutting down our own tree!
Three thumbs up!
Enjoying himself with Aunt Judy at Nana's 83rd Birthday Party!
Helping string the tree

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