Friday, December 18, 2009

These are a few of his favourite things....

These are just little bits of information about our boy that I wanted to document.

Favourite animal(s): giraffe, hippopotamus

Favourite colour: orange

Favourite thing to play: Superheroes. Sebastian loves either wearing his Batman or Spiderman costume or just prancing around in his underwear pretending to be a wrestler (thanks Jeremy!). He has recently asked me if he could get a Buzz Lightyear costume. This of course means that getting dressed in the morning, and even appropriately for the weather, has been quite interesting. Sebastian is now pretty independent with picking out his own clothes (as he refuses to wear anything we ask him too!) and the only thing he still requires assistance with are the snaps/buttons. Most days he will get dressed only to change 15 minutes later into one of his costumes. He also really enjoys playing with Lego (particularly his daddy's space kit from his childhood) and our Millenium Falcon. His imagination astounds me, not to mention the conversations we have. Our most recent discussion centred on whether Chewbacca carried a guitar or a man-purse. Of course, I say it's a man-purse but Seb is very adamant that he carries a guitar. I think a rockin' Chewbacca would be a wonderful sight to see! And lastly, Sebastian loves ryhming. He'll be playing with his toys and just start rhyming off a bunch of words and put them into song. Newest thing is rhyming like Dr. Seuss (he'll even ask you if you have a Gox to Box!).

Favourite Books: Doesn't really have any. We recently got the book Silly Sally from the library and he was quite sad to see it go (hint hint to those who still need to purchase a gift for him!).

Favourite TV Shows (out of the ones we allow him to watch): Animal Mechanicals, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why. He also really enjoys Sid and Patty from CBC Kids.

And if you were to ask him what he enjoys doing with me the most it would be watching Christmas Specials (I'm such a sucker for them!) and with his daddy, it's the Lego. I can make houses and ships but his daddy is the Lego King in our house!

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