Monday, December 28, 2009

'Tis the 5th Day of Christmas

It seems like this has been the Christmas that just won't end. Not that we want it to end, as we've been enjoying ourselves immensely, however, it seems that we've been celebrating straight now for the past 5 days!

On Christmas Eve we got into the car and went to pick up Aunt Jennifer in Hamilton so that she could spend the night with us and help us celebrate Christmas. We then spent the evening at Nonee and Papa's enjoying a wonderful array of foods and each other's company.

Christmas morning was extra special for us this year as it was the first time in over 13 years that we actually woke up in our own beds!! For our first Christmas at our new home Nonee, Papa and Aunt Becky came over in the morning to watch Sebastian open up his Christmas presents. After a wonderful breakfast, Nonee, Papa and Aunt Becky left to go home and we had a couple of hours to relax with Aunt Jennifer before we got ready to go over to their house for the remainder of the day. We had a wonderful afternoon and evening with family and Sebastian really enjoyed himself, playing with all his new toys and helping everyone open up their presents by sitting on their laps and assisting them with the unwrapping! Dinner was as wonderful as usual and we retreated home once again later in the evening. Sebastian gave us an extra present by sleeping in on Boxing Day and our day was once again spent with Nonee, Papa and Aunt Becky at our house playing video games and enjoying each other's company while grazing on food all day long.

On the 27th Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Shari, Uncle Dan, Kassy, Jeremy and Sophia came over for a visit. Once again, Sebastian really enjoyed opening up his presents and playing with his cousins. After dropping off Uncle Danny at the bus terminal we headed over again to Nonee and Papa's house to help them eat some more of the leftovers. I must say, I really wish my in-laws weren't such good cooks! Sebastian is very lucky his Nonee and Papa make such great food but my waistline suffers every year!!

Which brings us to today...our 5th day of celebrating. We woke up around 7:30, got dressed and rushed over to Nonee and Papa's to watch the Olympic flame pass through Guelph. It was a memorable moment and I'm glad we managed to get out the door by 8 a.m. in order to observe such an occasion. After breakfast we said good-bye to Nonee, Papa and Aunt Becky and headed home. We then took Sebastian sledding! This was the first time he freely went down a hill without one of us pulling him! Jamie and I took turns sitting in the sled with him and it was a lot of fun. We both enjoyed listening to Sebastian squeal with delight while going down the hill! After a nice walk through the trails we played in the backyard making snow angels before coming in the house for some hot cocoa.

Overall, we've had a wonderful relaxing holiday and hoping everyone else has enjoyed theirs! Tomorrow will probably be much slower as we're having some furniture delivered and we're hoping to see Aunt Becky one more time before she has to head back home to B.C. We're then off to Fort Erie on the 30th to help celebrate my dad's birthday. Again, we'll be busy but when it's spent with family it's well worth it!

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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