Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We're Here!

Just a quick update, as promised, as to what we've been up to...

In mid-October we got possession of our new home. As it was 3 bedrooms upstairs with a large rec room in the basement we decided now would be a good time to add that 4th bedroom/office in the basement. With that said our weekends were spent in Guelph constructing a room in the basement (correction; when I say our weekends were spent constructing a room I really meant Jamie and his dad!).

During this time Sebastian and I would play around the house and spend time with Nonee. On one of those weekends our friends Stacey and Brendan, with their son Campbell, came by for a visit. As we had little to no furniture in the house Sebastian and Campbell really enjoyed being able to dance around, and I thought these videos were way too cute not to share! The first video is Sebastian in his "skirt" dancing around as a ballerina on his own and the second is Sebastian and Campbell rocking it out to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean.

As our actual move occurred on October 31st we decided to remain in the area and celebrate Hallow's Eve with Brendan, Stacey and Campbell. It was a cold night but a good one, with Cambridge, more specifically Old Preston, providing a wonderful backdrop to our haunts with all their century old brick homes and trees. It was a great way to celebrate our "official" first night at our new home.

Since then we've been slowly transitioning into our new community. Sebastian and I have scouted out the conservation trails behind our house and have made a couple of treks to our new library, where we've started attending their preschooler program on Wednesday mornings, and the playground. There's been a lot more happenings going on, including helping Campbell celebrate his 4th birthday, celebrating daddy's and grandpa's birthday and attending cousin Sophia's baptism, but I will attempt to write another blog entry within the very near future including those events. Hopefully it won't take me nearly as long to update the blog as it did this time around!

Hoping everyone is well,

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