Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Grade One

Well we did it.  We started Grade One today!

This morning's routine worked like a breeze.  Seb was ready to meet the bus 10 minutes early and was the only kid getting on the bus at the stop (I'm sure there will be a lot more tomorrow).  He had drawn the bus driver a picture and presented it to him and then sat beside another little boy at the very front of the bus, which was pretty empty.  We waved as he drove away and he did look apprehensive but he did it!

When we got to the school the bus had already arrived and Seb was being lead to the Grade One meeting area.  Luckily he saw us when he did because the tears were just about to start brimming.  We stood around for quite some time waiting for the teachers to have the kids line up so that they could read out their names, but they never did.  Instead we had to go up to each individual teacher to find out whether or not Sebastian was in their class and even when we did find out who his teacher was going to be, we had no idea where to go.  So instead, we just stood there and spoke with some of our friends and waited for the teacher to form a line, at which point Sebastian joined in and away he went.

And luckily his teacher also has a foot injury and is fine with Sebastian wearing his sandals inside and out.

Whew!  The getting there is done!  Now I'm just crossing my fingers and toes that when I go out to meet the bus this afternoon my little pumpkin is on it!!

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