Saturday, September 15, 2012

Birthday Party

Today Seb has his birthday party with his friends.  There were 10 kids in total and we found the perfect venue in which the kids are all secluded in one room, there are no other families/kids present, and the craft, cake and pizza and clean up are all included in the very reasonable price - the local YMCA!

Anyways I think I'm, like every year, in a bit of shock that Sebastian is turning one year older on the 19th.  I miss my little baby.  The little baby that would stand at the front door and make noise so that the store keeper across the street would start waving to him from across the way, or the baby that would stand at the front door and say "bus" as it would stop across the street.  The little one who would run around the house saying "cheese" because mommy always had her camera out or the little giggles I would get whenever I would begin to sing, "Ain't it great to be crazy". 

Now I have a little boy that can sit at the table and do art work for hours, drawing picture after picture of superheroes, spaceships, animals, dragons and anything that suits his fancy at that very moment. Now I have a little boy that sits down and reads and who can sit so contently and play on his own, be it building amazing lego structures or interacting with his toys. Now I have a little boy who finds the subtle humour in things, who gets such a great gutteral laugh at physical humour and who enjoys just being in the moment and appreciating the little things.

It's been an amazing six years..........

Making "goo"

The "gang"

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