Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am taking a day to myself, which so far has consisted of going grocery shopping and fixing the toilet (it's true!), so I thought I should at least take five minutes out of my day to blog as I haven't done so in almost a month and I still have to clean the house and put away laundry (did I mention I was taking the day to myself?!?).

Anyways, things here are going well. Sebastian was able to experience the joys of Lego for the first time earlier this month when Jamie got out the Lego "starter kit" that Sebastian received when he was 3 months old from his Nonee and Papa. Now Seb has played with Megabloks and the larger size pieces, but not actually Lego before, so it was really special for Jamie to be able to share something that he loves with Sebastian. Right now Sebastian, I think, is more interested in the noise the Lego makes as it hits the hardwood floor than actually building but give him time... I'm sure by summer he'll be able to put the Millennium Falcon together with his dad! Or at least watch... =)

We also had a nice visit from my dad who came up to help us celebrate my birthday, which was really nice for Sebastian as he doesn't see his grandpa or grandma nearly often enough.

Other than that, we've been doing our regular stuff; Music on Mondays, Library on Tuesdays, Evelyn's Wed-Fri, Sportball on Saturday and Sunday spent doing absolutely nothing!! Which isn't exactly true but it's so nice not having anything scheduled on Sundays so that we can actually do what we want to do!

And as for Sebastian, he continues to awe us. He's speaking in full sentences and has been for quite some time, which is funny to us as all I've read is that by 2 1/2 most kids can string 4 words together - Who are these people?!? And he loves playing just about everything and anything. He's also at the stage where he's really helpful to have around. For example, yesterday he helped me put clothes in the washing machine and in the dryer. Folding is a whole other issue but next week I'm confident he can start putting his own clothes away! He also helps putting dishes in the dishwasher. Now if only I could teach him how to clean the cat litter we'd be all set!

Well my 5 minutes of blogging is over. Time to get back to having the day to myself. =)

Hoping everyone is enjoying the warm weather,

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