Monday, January 19, 2009

28 Months!

Ever since Sebastian has graced us with his presence into this world I have conducted "interviews" with him to find out what life is like at that particular stage in his life. As I was reviewing our 28 month video it popped in my head that perhaps I should take a moment to share some snippets from our past videos as well as share some of the video taken yesterday morning to honour his 28 month un-birthday today. And yes, I know I should be embarrassed by sharing my silliness with others but that's one of the best parts of being a parent - you can actually get away with acting like a goof all for the sake of your babe (until they're at least 7, from what I've heard!).

Unfortunately the video that I had wanted to share in honour of his 28 months on this earth was too long for blogger to handle so I grabbed another snippet of the day. However, I made an error while taping and kept referring to Sebastian as being 26 months old! Oops! However, you have my word that this is indeed the 28 month video with me demonstrating that unfortunately for me, mommy-brain has become a permanent fixture!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy taking this trip down memory lane with me (because quite frankly, I actually do think Sebastian is tired of me making him watch videos of himself!).

1 Month Debut

3 Months!

28 Months! (Not 26 Months!)

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Pierrette said...

I love this, I now wish I would have done the same.