Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long weekends are long!!

I have started to blog a number of times over this past weekend but my heart just wasn't into it (get it?!?..I know, lame! ha!) so for something new I'm just going to ask Sebastian questions and post his answers...

1. What did you do this weekend?

Nothing. I wanted cookie and mom said "No"and I said, "I want more cookie"

He said the last statement in a sing-songy voice to show the difference between my voice and his! We had cookies for snack this morning and he wasn't too happy when he didn't get more. Guess he remembered!

2. Who did you see this weekend?

Stingrays and fish, peacocks, monkeys and elephants

I think this kid has a vivid imagination! We did not go to the zoo...we saw Wendy from music, our Sportball coaches, a bunch of kids at a birthday party and Nonee and Papa. ..Hey, wait a second! Who is he calling a monkey?!?!

3. What are you doing today?


Sebastian just started playing hockey in the front room. Guess he plans on playing hockey all day. =)

4. What did you do this morning?

Play and read.

Very true. This is indeed what we did.

Anyways, now Sebastian is playing hockey in the front room and our interview is over as he is no longer answering my questions! So I'll provide the summary of our long weekend...

We had a very busy long weekend as we went to music class for 9 a.m. on Saturday morning followed by Sportball at 10:45. Between classes, as they were just down the street from each other, we relaxed at Tim Hortons.

After class we came home, had lunch and attempted to put Sebastian down for his afternoon nap, which he decided he wasn't going to have. So, once we realized (as it always takes us longer to realize it's not happening than it does for Sebastian) we headed out to a birthday party at the Peanut Club for one of Jamie's co-worker's little girls. Sebastian really, really enjoyed himself. Poor kid didn't want to leave and was the only kid who actually cried when it was time to go. =(

Come Sunday Nonee and Papa came in for the day for a nice visit and yesterday we just went to music class. We had planned on going to Riverdale Farm after music but Sebastian fell asleep in the car along the way so we just came home and enjoyed a relaxing day around the house. And as Sebastian previously stated, so far today we've played and read books.

Nothing too exciting for an update, but an update nonetheless. =)

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Pierrette said...

You should interview your Monkey more often... It made me smile.