Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Ever have one of those weekends that you don't want to end?  Well last weekend was like that for us.... 

The weekend started with us going on a family hike to Starkey Hill.  When we had first moved to this area I had heard of Starkey Hill and had been told that if we went with bird food the birds would actually come and eat out of our hands!   So of course, off we went with some bird  food to see if this was true!

It took us a bit to find a spot on the trail that was quiet (there were quite a lot of hikers that day) and there we stood with food in our hands and waited.  I would say we stood there for less than 5 minutes before we could hear a group of chickadees  coming closer.  It didn't take much longer than that before we had a group of approximately 5-7 chickadees flitting around us and yes, they even landed on our hands and ate our food!!  It was a very neat experience and one that Sebastian enjoyed, although I do believe he enjoyed watching the birds land on my hand more so than having them eat off of his!

Following our hike we went to Nonee and Papa's for dinner and had a nice visit with Zia Ang who had come up for the weekend.  There Sebastian played and received some much needed Zia Ang cuddles.

The following morning we got up, ate breakfast and headed up to Floradale ON to a farm where Papa volunteers his time.  There we said hello to some sheep, lambs, cows, calfs, farm cats, barely one week old kittens, chickens and of course Echo, the farm dog.

Later that afternoon we picked up my brother, Uncle Danny, from the train station and then headed to Nonee and Papa's once again for dinner.  And of course Sunday morning was spent searching for eggs and enjoying homemade cinnamon buns made by Daddy.  We then got in the car and travelled to my hometown where Sebastian had his annual Easter Egg hunt with my cousin's children and then off to Nana's we went for dinner.

The only downfall to the weekend was waking up on Sunday morning to a cat vomiting plant material.  It didn't take me too long to figure that she had been in the Easter Lilies that I had purchased for my mom and my mother-in-law for Easter.  I then remembered hearing that Easter Lilies were toxic so a quick internet search and a telephone call to an emergency veterinarian clinic confirmed my fears.  So off I went with the cat to the clinic.  Because Easter Lilies are so toxic (if not caught early it will lead to kidney failure resulting in death) she was at the vets from Sunday until Tuesday on IV.  She's still not out of the clear but the fluids should have flushed the kidneys and her prognosis is quite good.  It was a very scary start to Easter Sunday but thankfully everything turned out okay.  Lesson learned: the cat that doesn't normally eat plants will eat the plants and all lilies are toxic to cats.

Despite this, it was still a wonderful weekend.

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