Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Reading the Joy of Cooking with daddy

Approx. 3 months old
Christmas 2008

Jamie and I started reading to Sebastian in the early days of his life.  I would sit in the big comfy chair in the nursery and nurse while Jamie would read various books to Sebastian.  I have fond memories, that weren't so fond at the time, of struggling with nursing and Jamie sitting there so patiently with a book on his lap reading to him.  I think his first 3 books were actually The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, Sherlock Holmes and Richard Scarry's Things That Go. 

This tradition had always continued with Jamie being the one who mostly would read Sebastian his bedtime stories. Of course there would be nights when I would read to him and for the most part the 3 of us would always be in the room together, but it was usually Jamie who was doing the reading and we've always considered this to be their special time.

Anyways the reason I'm posting about this is that it's really neat when you notice that instead of you being the one reading your child their bedtime story, they've begun to read the story to you!
March 2012

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