Friday, March 16, 2012

Doing Nothing...

This week Sebastian was home on March Break.  We really didn't have a lot planned for the week and basically made things up as we went along.

The week started with us heading to my hometown for a long weekend last Saturday (which I blogged about below).  We returned home on the Monday and I thought it would be neat to take Sebastian to the zoo seeing that the weather would be so lovely this week.  As such, we headed into Toronto on the Tuesday afternoon and spent the night at a friend's house to allow us to get an early start on the day and to make the day a little more manageable for me as I wouldn't have the hour long commute to and from the zoo.  Sebastian had fun playing with his friend in Toronto and loved the idea of having a sleep over.  The next morning we headed to the zoo and arrived there just after 10:15.  To say the place was a zoo would be an understatement!  It took us 45 minutes of waiting in line before we entered the zoo but once in and once the boys had lunch (in which there were more lines)  we were finally able to walk  around and see the animals.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day and despite the busyness of the zoo, in which I have vowed never to go there again during March Break (!), the boys seemed to just enjoy running around outside and being able to share in the zoo together. 

On Thursday Seb went to Art Explosion Day Camp for the morning and as he came out told me "I didn't like it, I LOVED It!".  I had been a little weary about trying this program as Seb doesn't always like organized activities without me being present but it was everything he liked; art, singing and dancing!  We then spent Thursday afternoon playing soccer in our backyard, having a scavenger hunt (we just made it up as we went along) and going for a bike ride.  Today was pretty much the same.  Sebastian had his Art Explosion camp in the morning and then I surprised Sebastian and his dad by preparing a picnic lunch to be had on a blanket in our backyard.  We then went for a nice bike ride in the conservation area and the remainder of the afternoon Sebastian spent playing with the kids who live next door to us. It was actually the first time Sebastian went for a bike ride around the block with the neighbours kids without me. It was a little anxiety provoking for me, but I remember how free I felt as a child being able to ride my bike up and down the street and around the block without my parents and I wanted Sebastian to experience that freedom.  Seeing that huge smile on his face as he rode up our driveway was worth it!

Not a bad week of doing nothing if I do say so myself!

Putting on a song and dance for me

Reading a bedtime story

The obligatory picture with the Orangutan!

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