Monday, November 7, 2011

Little Surprises

I have not found a lot of time lately for blogging.  Now with Sebastian back in school and with work and teaching I'm finding it hard to sit down and actually dedicate the time to keep a written record of what is going on with Sebastian.  I have a feeling as time goes by there will either be longer blog posts explaining in detail everything that is going on or short little blurbs giving a quick update as to what is happening.  Will be interesting to see how things turn out...

Anyways, the reason that I am updating is because Sebastian has been full of little surprises lately.  The first surprise came a few days ago when I started an on-line reading program with him.  In order to figure out where your child's lessons should be at there is a 40 question quiz.  After 3 mistakes the quiz stops and the computer puts your child in the "class" in which they belong.  Well Sebastian and I started the quiz and it was interesting to watch his little brain in action.  He is amazing at deducting which words are which based on their phonetics as opposed to sight and he made it up to question 33 out of 40 before he got his third answer wrong!  It was nice to see that reading to him so often has started to pay off and that he is actually reading the words as opposed to having memorized them.

The second amazing thing that happened actually occurred today.  After Sebastian's swimming lesson we decided to stay for free swim so after I got into the pool Sebastian says,"Watch this!" and off he goes and actually swims!!!  Now I had been watching him for the whole lesson and it appeared that he had been using a pool noodle or floatie throughout his lesson.  Somewhere within the 5 minutes I left to go and get my suit on our lil' pumpkin began to swim!  It was awesome seeing how proud he was of himself, which he should be!  We stayed in the pool for an extra hour this afternoon and Sebastian didn't get tired once of practicing his swim! 

So there you have it, our two little surprises, which really aren't so little!

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