Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Backing Up a Bit...

I can't believe that yesterday my little boy turned 5 years old and I still haven't even updated the blog on all our summer activities!  So, while he's at school this morning and I'm recuperating from 3 fun-filled day of birthday celebrations I figured I should back up a bit and write an update on our summer prior to getting to the birthday fun.

Our summer was a little different this year as it marked Sebastian's first summer break from school.  As he participated in a number of different programs during the school year (music, gymnastics, ice skating etc.) I thought it would be interesting to put him in programs during the summer.  I didn't want to put him in too many programs nor did I want a full-day program so we did 1/2 days.  He went to two summer art camps at Creativity Greenhouse that he absolutely loved and another week was spent doing gymnastics.  We then spent our Saturday mornings at the soccer field where Sebastian played in the U5 - TimBit league.  Overall, his soccer skills need some work but he thoroughly enjoyed himself by learning secret handshakes on the field and picking up every stick and pine cone he could find!

We also managed two 3-night camping treks this summer at the Pinery and Awenda and true to tradition, we had a thunderstorm each trip!  Since we've started camping with Sebastian when he was 18 months old we've always had a storm.  Luckily Sebastian manages to always sleep through them and they have not been too violent.  After four years, we're now pros with weathering the storm!

The rest of our time was spent playing with friends, going on adventures in the conservation area, and going to the African Lion Safari.  And as the summer winded down we managed a 3 day trek into Toronto to go to some of the places we used to frequent when we lived there.  We went to Riverdale Farm, the Royal Ontario Museum and the Zoo.  It was fun hanging out in the City again but as Sebastian noticed on the DVP when he asked, "What's that smell?" it was nice to leave the City and come back home to the quiet and clean air (on the days the "farmer's perfume" isn't wafting through our windows!), although we do miss our friends there. 

Overall it was a nice summer, although two months definitely do go by way too fast!

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