Monday, August 8, 2011

The Games We Play

Today while we were at the African Lion Safari Seb and I found ourselves standing in quite the long line for the train.  I decided to pass the time by playing some games with him and we were able to pass the time quite easily playing Eye Spy, Rock, Paper, Scissors and 5 questions (where one person has to guess what you are, such as a cheetah, by asking only 5 questions). 

This got me thinking of all the types of games I used to play as a child with my family and the fond memories I had.  As such, I thought I'm make a list for Sebastian of the types of games he would play with us at this age.  They are all games that Seb comprehends and can play easily with us:

-  Harvest Time
-  Junior Boggle
-  Trouble
-  Sorry!
-  Go Fish
-  War
-  Uno
-  Old Maid
-  Eye Spy
-  5 Questions
-  Rock, Paper and Scissors
-  Busy Town Mysteries Eye Found It!
-  Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That!
-  Cariboo Island
-  Snakes and Ladders
-  Dominoes
-  Kerplunk
-  Bingo
-  Connect-the-dots
-  Mazes
-  Find the Item in the Picture

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