Thursday, March 3, 2011

Schoolhouse Weekend

In early February we headed back to the Schoolhouse to spend a weekend with some good friends.  It was quite an adventure as the sun was shining nice and bright as we left home and by the time we got to Mount Forest we were in a full blown snow storm. The driving was quite treacherous and I unfortunately did lose control of the car.   While driving down a curvy section of hwy. 12 we spun out and landed in a snow drift.  Lucky for us, a good Samaritan stopped before CAA could get to us and pulled us out of the bank (the snow was so deep it on my side of the car that it was past my window!).  Luckily we weren't injured and the car was fine.   Needless to say, Jamie drove for the remainder of the weekend!  Sebastian was great during the whole thing.  As we slid down the hill he didn't say a word until we landed  in the snow.  And of course the first thing he said was, "Are we there yet?"

Once we arrived safely at the schoolhouse the boys went out to play in the snow.  I always get a kick out of watching Sebastian and Campbell play together.  You never know what you are going to get!  They spent some time playing on the bunkbeds and after dinner they put on a "dance party" for us before getting on their pajamas and having stories read to them by the fire.  In the morning we could hear them talking in their bedroom about what they had dreamed about the night before, who had woken up whom and what they were going to have for breakfast. 

As Campbell had ski lessons on the Sunday we headed to the ski club and went for a hike to see some of the steeper ski hills.  Seb wasn't too impressed initially with the distance of the walk, but we were very proud of him as it was quite a far hike for a 4 year old but he managed!  The walk wiped him out and he slept for the majority of the drive home, which was, thankfully, uneventful.

Overall, it was a nice way to spend the weekend (minus the whole snow drift thing!).

The boys sharing the "school desk" to eat their dinner

Dance Party!

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