Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Break!

Last week was Sebastian's first ever March Break.  As a memento to Seb I thought I'd break down the activities that we did.  We mainly just stayed around town and went to a few places we had never been to before.  Although it was nice, I think next year we may have to head out of town for a few days...  Anyways, here is a brief review of our week:

On Monday our friend Ellis came over.  They ate way too many cookies and ran amok throughout the house when they weren't arguing over who got to feed the baby (Seb's Monchichi).

We spent Tuesday with Sebastian's Nonee who had the day off of work.  We went to Belgian Nurseries and enjoyed a nice lunch out.

On Wednesday we did pottery.

Thursday we stuck around at home.  We played outside in the yard, drew with chalk on the driveway and went for a hike in the conservation area behind our house

On Friday Seb and I went for another hike through the conservation area, but this time with friends.  We then checked out the Children's Museum, as we had never been there before.  We arrived just in time for Seb to participate in some creative play, which he absolutely loved!  We then spent what seemed to be hours playing and it was very difficult getting Seb to leave!

We then travelled into Toronto on Saturday to see Seb's friend Nate and his family.  Seb and Jamie went to explore the Comic-Con with the boys while I had a nice afternoon with the girls.  We then had dinner with our friends before heading over to spend the night at Uncle Danny's.  In the morning our friend Jon came over for a visit.

To wrap up March Break we decided to have our first ever "Movie Night".  We got on our jammies after dinner and cuddled on the couch with our blankets to watch a movie.  We really only did this as Seb had napped along the way home from Toronto, which meant that bedtime would be pushed back an hour or two.  However, we probably won't have another "Movie Night" for awhile now as we learned that TV still tends to wire Sebastian out so he took even longer than normal to settle into sleep for the night.  However, I'm okay with "Movie Afternoons" if it still means we can get our jammies on and cuddle with blankets on the couch!!

Can you tell which Batman is Seb?

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