Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rite of Passage

This morning as Sebastian was walking upstairs with a piece of paper in one hand and tape in the other he slipped and knocked his chin on the stair.  I could tell by the cry that it wasn't going to be pretty and sure enough he split open his chin.  After doing all the standard first aid stuff I took one look at it and knew that stitches were required.  So off to the emergency we went.

I've had stitches in the past so I recall the horrible needle you get to freeze the area as being the worst part of the experience but luckily they now use a topical ointment to freeze the area, so Seb didn't have to experience the agony of the "hugest mosquito in the whole wide world sucking your blood" pain that the old needles caused.

It took 4 stitches to fix him up and we didn't even have to wait for eons to be seen, which was really nice.  The longest part was waiting the 20 minutes for the freezing to take effect.

When we arrived home Seb asked if he had missed gymnastics today, which he did. When told that yes we missed class he said, "Good.  I didn't want to go."  Let's hope next time he doesn't want to do something he can just tell us as opposed to making us take him to the emergency!  =)

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