Thursday, February 3, 2011

He Skates!!

Wow.  My first blog post of 2011 and we're already in February!  I'll try to do a quick summary of what's been happening....

Our holidays were marked with Sebastian being ill prior to the actual holiday and we're still following up medically with him.  So far we've been to two ultrasounds and he's had blood taken out twice.  We have one more round of bloodwork to do within the next couple of weeks and another follow up ultrasound in 6 months.  Not too sure what exactly is going on, but when he was sick his white blood cell count was really low and then with his second blood work was done his hemoglobin and platelets were high.  We're also keeping an eye on the lymph nodes in his abdomen because they are enlarged.  Their size hadn't changed between ultrasounds so I'm hoping that he just has large lymph nodes.  However, we're not too sure exactly what this means but it's being watched, so I guess that's a good thing and I'm doing my best to stay away from the Internet at the moment as I'm sure if I were to read something it would send me into a whirlwind of what could possibly be wrong.  For now we'll just wait and see and since he seems pretty healthy we're okay with that.

Other than that, our holidays were wonderful.  It was a smaller group than normal for Christmas but it was still nice.  I was on call on both the 24th and 25th from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. and luckily didn't have any emergencies nor a lot of calls to deal with so I was able to spend the time with my family.  The holidays were then followed up with having friends & family over for New Year's, which is something we haven't really done since Sebastian's birth!  We actually managed to stay up until 1 and it reminded me of old times, without quite as much alcohol!  The children even went to bed at their regular times which left the full evening for us to visit.  It was great!  Will definitely be doing this again next year! 

We then headed down to Fort Erie to see my family, which was very nice.

{Oh right, this blog is supposed to be about Sebastian!!}

Okay, so back to Seb...

The main reason why I even started this blog post was to make a note about skating.  Sebastian started taking skating lessons in the fall and the first few sessions were basically him sitting on the ice learning how to stand on his skates without falling.  Once standing he would stay that way for a minute, if that, before falling and/or choosing to fall.

On January 22, 2011 he got up and stayed up!

Anyways, that's Seb in the dark blue. 

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