Sunday, September 19, 2010


Eleanor Doris Whitehouse
Friday December 3, 1926 - Monday September 13, 2010

On Monday September 13, 2010 the world lost a beautiful and wonderful lady, Sebastian's Great-Nana - Queen Eleanor.

We are so appreciative that he was able to experience 4 wonderful years with her and words cannot do any justice to explain the emptiness her passing has left in our lives.

We started referring to Nana as Queen Eleanor one day as Sebastian, Jamie & I were visiting her at home. Aunt Judy pushed Nana on Grandad's walker through the kitchen en route to the bathroom and as she passed us by we told Sebastian to wave to Queen Eleanor. Nana, hearing us, gave Sebastian the "Queen wave' and she continued to do so up until her last night with us.

In fact, it was 1 week ago today almost to the exact time that Nana gave us her last Queenly wave. As we held her tight for those extra few seconds saying good-bye and telling her how much we loved her, we turned around one more time as we were leaving the room to see her beautiful face. There was Nana lying in her bed giving us her Queenly wave.

Sleep well Queen Eleanor, you will always be in our thoughts, our hearts and in our dreams. We love you and miss you more than words can say.

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