Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1st Day of School

Well Seb's now been in school for approx. 1 hour!

Our morning started off well. We got up at our normal time around 7:30 a.m. and after having a quick shower Seb got dressed for school (and luckily still wanted to wear the clothes he had helped pick out last night), had breakfast and off we went! He had wanted to take the bus but I explained that we would be taking him today as it was his first day. Thinking that perhaps next Tuesday we may try the bus.

So we drove Seb to school and we decided to park on a side street near the school so that we could walk a bit with him. Coincidentally we parked immediately across the street from another child that Seb has played with a couple of times this past summer, which was nice as they then walked to school together. Once at school the children were lined up in 3 rows in the Kinderyard a.k.a. "the cage" where they waited for their teachers to come to bring them inside.

This was the most difficult part because the kids just stood there in line for about 10 minutes waiting. Seb's backpack was getting heavy and he started to state that he didn't want to go. Sure enough by the time his teacher came to bring her group into class he was in tears. I was doing pretty good myself up until that point. Although I know he's in very capable hands it is horrible having to put on a smile and tell your kid they'll be fine when all you want to do is jump the fence, give them a huge hug and tell them they don't have to go if they don't want to! But alas, I did not. Jamie and I reassured him he'd be fine and walked away as Mrs. Yo, his teacher, brought him into the school. Chances are he stopped crying as soon as he walked into the classroom.... (or at least, that's what I'm telling myself!).

Update: At the end of the day when Sebastian came out the doors with his class he looked uncertain of himself but as soon as he saw me he broke out into a big grin and his teacher released him into my care. He didn't have much to say about school except that it was fun and he talked about some of the kids he played with today. When we came home he ate the remainder of his lunch (he had only ate some crackers, cucumber and strawberries at school!) and had some birthday cake in celebration of surviving his first day of school. So far we have not heard any negative comments about his day and he appears to be in good spirits. Hoping Thursday goes just as smoothly!


Christa said...

can't wait to hear about his day!

Geoffrey Wiseman said...

I'm confused. He was there long enough to have a lunch, but he's only been there for 1h?

Kim said...

Nope. When I started the blog update he had only been in school for one hour. I then updated the blog later in the day to account for the remainder of the day.