Friday, July 10, 2009

Milestone Marker

Well it's official... Sebastian is now wearing underwear!!!

We had a laissez-fare approach to toilet training since Sebastian first used the toilet just over a year ago. We'd put him on the toilet throughout the day and encourage him to use it, which he did. We didn't force him to use the toilet by any means, so there were times when he chose to still use the diaper, so it wasn't until he was actually able to tell us he had to use the toilet that we knew he was ready to start wearing underwear. Coupled with the fact that he has been going all day and even night with a dry diaper for the past week we're pretty proud of our big boy (he no longer likes it when I call him my little boy) for demonstrating to us he was ready. Way to go Sebastian!!!

1 comment:

Pierrette said...

You are at the end we are at the beginning. Christophe is doing half of his poos in the potty and even asking to go up to the potty sometimes.