Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy un-Birthday!

Today we have reached the 1/2 way mark until Sebastian's 3rd birthday! Yes, it's official. We now have a 2 1/2 year old!

So since this is a momentous occasion for us I thought I'd take the time while Seb is napping to write a quick blurb on the things our little man is doing....

- Is approx. 38" long
- Weighs approx. 28lbs
- Sings and enjoys making up his own songs
- Runs, jumps, climbs
- Uses scissors (but not while running, jumping or climbing!)
- Speaks in full sentences
- Knows his colours, counts, ABC's etc.
- Loves playing with his wooden Thomas the Train set
- Sleeps on average 11 hours within a 24 hour time period
- Loves to cook and help out in the kitchen, including setting the table and putting things in the dishwasher!
- Almost potty trained
- All of his teeth are in and/or pretty much in
- Gets upset quickly and will hit and/or throw things
- Very sensitive; his feelings get easily hurt when other children are not being nice
- Loves going to Sportball, the library and his music class
- Does not like mud on his hands!
- Helps get himself dressed in the morning - puts his head through the shirt and his arms in the sleeves
- Brushes his own teeth
- Drinks from a regular cup, uses regular utensils, plates etc.
- Loves Spiderman and singing the Spiderman theme song but doesn't really have an idea as to who Spiderman is (except that he's a super-hero!)
- Loves Cars, the movie that is, even though he's never actually seen it!

Okay...this list is getting too long. Basically Sebastian can do a lot of things... he's no longer a baby and will often tell us that he's a big boy. In fact, we often have difficulty at times remembering that he's a pretty capable little fellow but he will kindly remind us if we attempt to help him out too much!

I'm still in awe watching this little guy and can't believe that we're heading out of toddlerhood so soon, but that's thing I've learned is that things definitely get better the older he gets!

Wishing everyone well,

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