Monday, July 16, 2012


Each time I sit down to attempt to update this blog there's this pesky little thing that keeps getting in my way. I'm sure everyone has heard of it as it impacts every single one of us through every moment of the day... it's called Life.

Life is grand. It is wonderful. It is busy. It is filled with precious little moments and some not so pleasant moments. It has its ups and it has its downs, but no matter how you look it at it is there and I love it.

Time seems to be slipping by so quickly for us these days. It just seems like yesterday that Seb started his SK year and now within a blink of an eye he's done kindergarten and is about to embark on the adventures of grade 1! He had a wonderful year and it was amazing to watch him go from reading a few words to reading quite a lot of words. He is also spelling words out phonetically, which is also how he reads (which I'm sure frustrated his teacher at times as I prefer he learns how to read phonetically as opposed to memorization!), and he can often be found every morning before breakfast sitting at the kitchen table with his markers and colouring pencils drawing some grand picture/idea that has popped into his head.

Sebastian and his JK/SK teacher Mrs. Yo

Valens Conservation Area

Soccer!  Go "Team Blueberries"!!

Hanging out in a tree with Daddy and our friend Ellis

No sooner had school ended then we packed up the car and headed on our first camping trek of the summer. I cannot emphasize how much I enjoy camping. I always have. But sharing it with your child is something even more special. There is something to be said about spending your days outside with the only shelter being a tent. I love hearing the birds chirping in the morning and hearing the lazy sounds of Sebastian as he slowly wakes from his sleep (and no, he does not sing the 'morning song' in the tent!). Some mornings the boys will even slip out of the tent and by the time I arise (thank you Jamie!) I awake to my tea being made and a small fire going to take off the morning chills. I did mention earlier I was spoiled right?

As we've been camping with Sebastian since he's been 18 months old, he's also become quite a proficient camper. He has no qualms about getting dirty, making his own fun and sitting around the campfire. He's also become an expert at enjoying natural play. All he needs is nature and voila he has his own playground!

Now that our first trek is done we have two more camping trips planned this summer and I'm just in the process of planning another one in the fall to enjoy the splendid colours! We have a wonderful trip coming up in which we are going to be driving to Montreal in early August to attend a friend's wedding and from there we are going to meet up with Nonee and Papa in Prince Edward Island for a camping trip! We have never driven longer than 4 hours with Sebastian so this is going to be interesting!

To fill our days in between we have some scheduled activities such as swimming lessons, ArtExplosion day camp and another art program via Creativity Greenhouse. Other than that, I'm looking forward to enjoying the lazy days of summer by going to the zoo, African Lion Safari and spending time with our friends doing "nothing" and despite Life and how busy it may be at times I'm going to do my best to remember to be in the moment for every second of it - my little pumpkin is going to be in school full-time in September and I wouldn't miss these moments for the world!

Sebastian hanging with one of his "besties" and his little sister

Sebastian's "Theatre" Group

The gymnastics gang

The beach

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