Friday, May 18, 2012

Our Day

Today Sebastian took our first trip to the African Lion Safari of the season.  Usually for our first trip of the season I like to go by ourselves so that we can do all of the touristy things together as we then usually go with friends throughout the summer and the kids spend a large amount of their time in the splash pad or playground.

So touristy stuff we did!  We took the bus through the Safari, we bought some souvenirs, had lunch at the cafe, had a pony ride, a boat ride, a train ride, an elephant ride and sat and watched the Birds of Prey show, in which one of the falcons almost landed on our heads (unbeknown to us at the time a perch was directly behind us!).

And one of the more comical moments of the day came after the Birds of Prey show when Sebastian asked one of the handlers what the falcon, which he was holding, was eating.  It was comical because along the country drive to the Safari we talked about the many types of different animals we'd see and Sebastian jokingly questioned if we'd see chickens, as he knows there aren't chickens at the Safari!  So weren't we surprised and did we ever have a good laugh when the man holding the falcon told Sebastian that the falcon was eating chicken!  Seb turned to me and said, "See mom!  I told you there were chickens here!"

How could I argue with that?!?!

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