Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Weekend Getaway 2012

We just got home yesterday from a lovely weekend up north at Cedar Grove Lodge.  Not too sure if anyone will remember this or not, but the last time we were there was two years ago and I had blogged about the trip here.

Anyways, I love this place.  You get your own cottage with firewood and all your meals are provided.  The winter equipment is all free to use and by the end of lunch on your last day you almost feel as if you are saying good bye to your family. I was actually secretly hoping that the 15-20 cm of snow that was in the forecast would start dumping before we left so we would have to stay, but alas, it just wasn't so.

One of the main reasons we wanted to go this year is that we have not been having much of a winter.  We've been able to get out to go ice skating on a downtown outdoor rink but we haven't had enough snow to go tobogganing or snow shoeing at all.  So because of this, we thought it would be nice to head up north for the weekend.

Well, when we left on the Friday it was snowing! And was it ever!  The buses in our City and all the school buses had been canceled due to the snow so we were a little worried about the roads but by the time we left shortly after noon the roads were clear.

We arrived shortly before check in at 4 p.m. and  instantly fell in love with our cottage.  Last time we were there we stayed in Blue Bird but this time we tried Grey Owl.  It definitely didn't look as rustic on the outside but inside, it was perfect for the 3 of us and the big picture window overlooking the lake was beautiful.

The cottage
Living room view 1

Living room view 2

The next day after breakfast we went down to the lake and put on our ice skates.  We were initially worried that we weren't going to be able to go skating  since this winter has been so unreasonably warm, but thankfully, it was safe for us to skate on.  We spent the morning skating followed by tobogganing and taking a hike in the woods.  After lunch the snow started to fall and it continued to fall.  We went skating again on the lake and then spent some time indoors playing board games, drinking hot cocoa and playing in the activity room in the main lodge.  The snow continued to fall throughout the night and both of my boys were so tuckered out by all our activities that they were both sound asleep before 8 p.m.!  I just sat by the fire drinking wine and reading while watching the snow fall.   It was bliss!

The next morning we played in the fresh snow and returned to the activity room in the main lodge.  I swear, if Sebastian had his way he would spend all his time in this room!  I find it sparse, but for some reason, he absolutely loves it!

After lunch we finished packing up, said good-bye to our servers and fellow "Grover's" and hit the road.  Sebastian slept the entire way back and said he couldn't wait to go back next year.  I can't either!

Staying warm out on the lake

My handsome man


One of the views from the lake

There had been so much snow the Lodge didn't have time to clear the rink so we were lazy and just shovelled a path wide enough for us to skate on!

The lone skater

The main lodge

Relaxing by the fire

Our view

Playing in the games room

Playing board games in the main lodge

Saying good-bye

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