Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last Day of School!

Today was Sebastian's very last day of school.  Next year he'll be starting SK and I'm pretty sure he'll have the same teacher as well as the same schedule.  Considering he had such a rough start to the school year it was bittersweet when he started talking about how much he was going to miss going to school and  seeing his friends as the end of the school year approached.

It was actually quite comical seeing Sebastian with his friends.  There was four of them that hung out together all school year.   At the start of the day whoever was already in the kindergarten area would see Sebastian approach and run to the fence yelling his name.  As I drove Seb to school, most days we would sit in the car until the bell rang as he didn't want to get out to play (and of course this changed the second last week of school!) so when we approached the fence the kids were already in line.  As soon as Seb entered the "gang" would all say his name emphatically and run to give him hugs.  It was too cute for words!  And of course, if another member of the group entered into the area after Seb the same thing would happen to them.  I wish I had a video of it, it was priceless to see how these boys went on hugging each other and being so excited to see one another!  No wonder the teacher had to separate them during actual class time as they would never get any work done!

Overall, Sebastian had a great school year.  He started bringing home books to read and he also began to do math.  His ability to sound out words and spell them phonetically also improved greatly.  I was also lucky enough to participate in some of the school's activities with his class, such as the Terry Fox Walk, the Scientists in School program (in which I showed and taught his class about bugs) and the end of school trip to Spring Ridge Farms.

I would love to post a pic of Seb with his friends, but unfortunately, I don't have their parent's permission to do so.  I may edit this to include their picture as we will be seeing everyone again on the 24th of July.

Hoping Seb enjoys senior kindergarten as much as he enjoyed junior!

Sebastian with his teacher Mrs. Yo

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