Thursday, April 14, 2011

Listening Ears

About a month ago Sebastian had been in trouble at school for not listening to his teacher.  As a result he had to sit separately from his friends and was told that if this behaviour continued he would miss out on activity time.

Since that time I have made a point of "securing" Sebastian's listening ears as part of our good-bye routine in the morning before the kindergarten gate.  Well today when I went to pick him up his teacher took me aside and told me that Sebastian didn't have a great day as he was throwing things around and when she took him aside and asked him if he had forgotten to put his listening ears on today he replied, "No.  I have them.  They just came unscrewed."   She said it took every ounce of her willpower not to burst out laughing at his response.

Once in the car without being prompted he told me all about how his listening ears came unscrewed and how as a result he didn't listen very well, instructing me that next Tuesday I better make sure I put them on better!

If he can come up with such quick excuses now I think we may be in trouble!!

Later in the evening while lying in bed Sebastian told me that he was going to put a piece of tape on the table at school and then start colouring on it.  When one of the kids tells the teacher that he is drawing on the desk he'll say he wasn't as he was really only colouring on a piece of tape.  I suggested that he let his teacher know of this master plan and he said no as he wants to see what she'll do when she realizes she's been tricked.  Oy!  Thinking I may need to write a little note to the teacher letting her know what this kid has in the works!

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Geoffrey Wiseman said...

He's ready for you now. ;)