Friday, October 29, 2010


Took Sebastian for his annual appointment today, albeit a bit late (this is what happens when your Dr. only works a couple of times/week). He was a champ as always and pleasantly surprised me by not even wincing when given his booster shot.

I was worried as to how he'd respond to the needle, as in the past I would just nurse him while he was given the needle. The answer I figured out, is sugar. Was given a lollipop before the needle and he didn't even notice it! Of course, his poor arm is a little tender now but with the help of some pain medication and boo-boo fish I'm hoping he'll be okay.

Anyways, our boy's stats are as follows:
Weight: 35lbs
Height: 43"

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Geoffrey Wiseman said...

We weighed C the other day, 37lbs. This is just our home scale, though, so I won't claim it's highly-tuned and tested for accuracy.

(Not trying to imply it's a competition of any kind, just interested to see the comparison).