Monday, May 3, 2010


Since Sebastian's birth we have had a pretty consistent bedtime routine, in which Jamie will bathe Sebastian etc., and after having read the bedtime stories I will then sing Sebastian lullabies as he nurses/cuddles (at which point Jamie also lies down and falls asleep!).

Well, as I've been singing pretty much the same lullabies for so long I thought I should write them down so that Sebastian would have a record of the songs that were sung to him. I often change the words to make them more meaningful to us, and quite enjoy trying out new songs, however, I've consistently sung the following:

Hush Little Baby
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
My Sebastian Lies Over the Ocean
(sung to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean, in which I've added the following lyrics as a second verse):
Sebastian's the cutest little boy,
The cutest little boy I know,
Sebastian's the cutest little boy,
And I love him so

You Are My Sunshine
Rock A Bye Baby
, in which I've changed the last two lines to:
And mommy will catch you, cradle and all
Bicycle Built for Two
Sebastian's Lullaby (*sung to the tune of Brahm's Lullaby) :
Go to sleep and goodnight
It is time to go to bed
It is time to lay down your head
And go to sleep.
Close your eyes pumpkin pie
It is time to go to sleep
Close your eyes pumpkin pie
And have sweet dreams all night.

Ba Ba Black Sheep
By N' By
(*one of our favourites, but instead of singing "Good Lord" we sing "Good night")
And of course, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to place him in bed and tuck him in, in which for the second verse I sing:
When the blazing sun is gone
When there is nothing to look upon
Then I'll shine my light so bright
Guiding you throughout the night
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are.

Some nights we only get through a few and on others I sing more lullabies. But these are the ones I've been consistently singing to him since birth. I consider these our special songs and I really treasure this time with him, especially since I know it won't last forever.


Pierrette said...

that is such a cute picture...

Kim said...

Thanks. It's one of my favourites from the early days.