Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Camping We Will Go....

Just got back a few days ago from our annual family camping trip. We headed up to Earl Rowe Provincial Park this year for a few days of rest and relaxation in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the weather was definitely not on our side this year. It rained for pretty much the majority of our trip and as such, we chose to leave camp early.

Unfortunately it wasn't early enough as a severe storm hit just as we were clearing up our dinner dishes (lucky for us everything else had been packed). Once the wind picked up I ran to the car with Sebastian and sat there wondering if I should be making a run to the nearest comfort station, while Jamie and his folks had the horrible task of taking down the tarp in the severe thunderstorm. The wind, thunder & lightening was quite frightful and luckily once again, Sebastian slept through most of it.

Upon leaving the campground Sebastian awoke and started to cry because he was upset we were leaving...

Glad to see he loves camping as much as we do, but it made us sad to know how upset he was so we're hoping to grab another camping trip in prior to the end of the season. We drove home in darkness, as the storm had knocked out the power to the majority of the towns we drove through, and watched the zig zags of lightening crash throughout the skies. We followed the tail of the storm home and made it home safe to our snug and warm beds without incident.

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