Sunday, June 21, 2009

Who switched the plates??

This morning while enjoying our Father's Day breakfast I looked over at Sebastian and realized, while watching him take a sip of his milk from his glass, that there wasn't one single "baby/toddler" item on our table. The sippy cups have been long gone, the little forks and spoons and even those cute little toddler plates that are sectioned off so you can keep the peas away from the potatoes are long gone. In fact, sitting beside me isn't even a toddler any more. It's a boy. My boy. Our boy. I can't even recall when exactly we made this switch to regular plates, cutlery and glasses with him, but we're there in full force.

That, coupled with the fact that earlier this week our lil' munchkin showed us he can actually do somersaults, has made me a tad bit sentimental for times past. I say just a tad because I'm also left with the anticipation of what happens next!

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