Monday, May 11, 2009

Let it Grow!!

I can't believe that it's only been a couple of weeks since I last posted! Funny how 2 1/2 weeks can seem so long in toddler-life! Things have become increasingly busy for us now that the warmer weather is gracing us with her presence. Since the last post we've been to the Zoo twice, Riverdale Farm once, we've spent a weekend in Guelph to help celebrate Aunt Becky's 30th birthday and yesterday we took an impromptu trek down to Fort Erie to spend Mother's Day with family.

I've also been introducing Sebastian to one of my favourite past-times during the past couple of weeks... gardening. Sebastian started to show some interest last year in the garden but it was mainly him pulling up plants, playing in the dirt and smelling our herbs. Now that he's a tad bit older I thought it might be neat for him to have his own plants. This started off with me purchasing a seed kit of cat grass for him as well as his own gardening tools.

For these kits all you have to do is fold down the sides, insert the dirt, plant the seeds, water and voila in days you have sprouts! Perfect for little fingers and so much fun to see grow! I loved this little seed box so much that last weekend I bought two more for him and we're anxiously waiting for them to sprout. We'll probably just re-pot the cat grass and leave it in the house for the cats and the other two containers are sweat peas and parsley. I had picked up two metal buckets/bins at a yard sale and filled them last year with herbs so I'm going to allocate one of them for Sebastian, with the hope that next summer he can help pick out what he wants to grow.

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Pierrette said...

We have been working on planting a garden in the back, I have spent all week with Christophe prepping the land. He is loving caring the grass to the compost bins and flipping the dirt with his shovel ( I think he has the same one as Sebastien ). I think it is so important to show kids were things come from at a young age.